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Jesus Supernaturally Revealed Names

My name is Damaris and I was referred to Jesus Powered Living by a lady friend. We both went there not knowing what God was going to do. As we met Kirby and he walked us thru his ministry I feel comfortable to say that the Lord was going to use Kirby to identify areas in my life that needed healing that I myself didn't even know needed to be healed. Little did he know what I was going thru at that time. My husband had filed for divorce, he had told me he was ready to move on and had found some one else. In the midst of all this pain I was beginning to get numb to it all. In the middle of his teaching Kirby felt the need to stop teaching and pray, he started praying about forgiveness in that prayer he mentioned two names Steve and Michael. Steve is my husband and Michael is his cousin and I had unforgiveness towards them; again Kirby knew nothing about them. I thought I had dealt with that. After he finished praying Kirby continued to teach us and prayed over us. I than started to truly forgive my husband and Michael. The Lord has restored my marriage, and we're in continued healing not just in my marriage but in our family as well. I thank God for Jesus Powered Living ministries and Kirby 's obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ.

A Spiritual Miracle

I wanted to write in to share my experience and to thank Jesus Powered Living. First of all, I need to give God the Father, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit all the glory and honor! I have lived my life loving God but when I had by chance run across Jesus Powered Living's web page (when I was looking for a completely different topic) I knew God was trying to tell me something. When I had gone in for prayer, I told Kirby that I loved God very much but I felt that I was not living my life in victory, something was missing. Kirby began to teach me about the Holy Spirit. And for the first time in my life I came to understand that The Holy Spirit is actual the living God. In truth, He is not an energy form but in fact He is the actual 3rd being to the trinity of God. When I had prayed there and asked for Him to fill me with The Holy Spirit, I could literally feel a supernatural spring of Living Waters flowing through my body. It was cool and refreshing; an absolute unexplainable love filled me! Before, I learned that God was angry, critical, and wrathful; even though I had given my life to Jesus, I still walked in shame and bondage. Now I was learning how much God really loves His children! It has been an amazing journey since then. I used to be a Reiki Master and loved to surround myself with dragons, Catholic Saints, and practice Tarot Card reading in my home. After my prayer, I knew these were not of God and began to gather all these substitutes of books and idols and placed them by my front door for the trash can. All this time I thought these things were ways of exercising my faith and healing with God, but the devil is a deceiver! I threw it all away, thousands of dollars! I have since removed all these things and have watched God just pour out His blessings on myself and my family! Thank you for leading me to the real living God the Father, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit! I have been delivered from Satan's deceptions and empowered by the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ's precious blood! Hallelujah!!!
Many blessings to Jesus Powered Living! My life is forever changed. Wow! Thank you so much! I still have 2 other victory testimonies to send in. I really hope it helps to deliver and set people free!


Freedom from Alcohol and Pornography

I saw the Ad in the Community Impact and because of all the sin that was controlling my life and now was causing my marriage to suffer to the point where it was on the brink, spiralling down. I decided to call. To my surprise, they did not require any payment or money, not then, not ever. I set up an appointment. I met a simple, regular guy. I soon found out that God's Spirit was working with him. I shared a bit of my life with him. He was not prying and did not search for or care for too much specifics. He seemed to be asking God for the root cause. He then explained a few things about the spiritual realm, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit (which he explains to be the presence and power of God in us). He also mapped out the tactics of the enemy of our soul, satan, and his kingdom and showed practical ways in which he is able to get to people. He explained that it is a battle between truth and lies, God and satan, and that we can have power through Jesus and His Spirit to expose every lie, every demon, and be free forever. Then he prayed and commanded evil spirits to leave my life, I felt evil leaving me. I was free! He then prayed for me to be filled God's Holy Spirit, and joy, peace and love were all over me. I can now feel Jesus in me! I am Free!

Healed of Back Pain Instantly

I had back pain for many years. Me and my wife came in for help with marital problems. The guy told us that he was going to explain our battle from a spiritual perspective and then he was going to pray and command everything that was not of God out of our lives. He taught us about the spiritual realm and explained that after we pray and everything that is not of God leaves, that God will lead us to change things and close the doors by which evil was able to enter out lives. So he started to pray and commanded evil to leave our lives. I told him that I had a pain on my back for the past few years. He asked me, "Where is it?" Then he put his hand on it and said, "Spirit of Pain, in the name of Jesus Christ, come out of his body and go into the bottomless pit and never come back, in the name of Jesus Christ." The pain left that moment! When we came back about 3 weeks later, my wife reminded me to tell him that I had not had that pain since that day he prayed for us. Faith and Hope has come back into our lives. Thanks to Jesus!

I saw an Angel

My friend told me about this person who prays for people in the power of the Holy Spirit, just as Jesus spoke of in the Bible, where God's presence can be felt. I went along with her. I had some family problems - well, a lot. The person spoke with us and taught us about the spiritual realm and how to cancel and reverse the works and effects of the devil in our lives through Jesus Christ's power. Before he could get to praying for us, I saw an Angel on the right of him as he spoke with us. I pointed it out to him since he did not even see the Angel. The Angel then disappeared. When he began to pray for me, I was filled with unbelievable joy. What I felt from Jesus' Spirit was so awesome that I felt so happy I could jump for joy, but so peaceful that I could sleep right there. If you have never experienced the Holy Spirit, the presence of God, then you have got to experience that flow of LOVE! Set an appointment to learn how to experience Jesus for real! I believe the Angel was with us helping me and removing evil from me and my family. The person praying for me explained that according to the Bible, "Angels are ministering spirits sent to minister to those who shall inherit eternal life."

Suicide Aborted and Suicidal Feelings Gone

I walked in on my son who was in the act of committing suicide. I did not know what to do to prevent him from finishing what he started since it was already in him. I called a family member of mine who told me about a day when he was driving and God directed him to turn into a office complex and led him to this office with the words, "Spirit Powered Living" on it. He said since he knew God wanted him to be there, he shared his life with the person he met, and at the end of their meeting they prayed and he said God quickly and dramatically changed his life for the better. He suggested that I call them and set an appointment to have them meet with and pray for my son. I did this right away. The first part of it was him speaking and teaching some things about was was going on behind the scenes - in the spiritual realm. When it was time to pray and he started praying, my son stopped, smiled and said, I just felt God in me. My son had just experience God's Spirit and Love in Him. His desire to kill himself was gone. Not only that, but the guy prayed for blessing in the area of career and finances, and within about 3 weeks, he got not just one job offer but three. Jesus is alive in people today! Seek Him today, not man-made religion.

My Sight Restored

Good Morning, I want to give a testimony of the power of God and our savior Jesus Christ during our prayer I prayed for my sight to be restored. I can see better on my right eye. Before coming to see Kirby yesterday I couldn't see the words on my phone, I couldn't see the images of the TV clearly, but today I can see. 

Thank you Jesus for using Mr. Kirby yesterday to manifest Jesus' power onto me. 

I attended Churches but still needed Spiritual Freedom

I had not-so-perfect parents growing up. I went to churches and had been following ministries for a while. I was pentecostal and even received the gift of tongues when I was younger. Although I went to church, I was not being led by God's Spirit, but was engaged in various addictive activities and habits that were destroying my relationships, mind and body. I saw an Ad in the paper "Freedom from Addictions." I said to myself, "that is what I need." I then saw that it was Christ-based and dependent on the Spirit of God. I knew enough to know that it was only the Spirit of God that could help me. Since it was totally free, I called and set an appointment. It was eye opening. I think the main things they thought me was that for me to be free, God's Spirit must change my perspective daily with Truth and Love, and when my perspective changes, my priorities and life changes. God's truth and love comes daily from the scriptures and the Holy Spirit when we spend time with Jesus at home! They also clearly explained that the three main tactics of the devil are to cause Regret, Guilt and Fear which lead people to temptation, sin, addiction and destruction. They showed me how Jesus overcame these by his truth, words and power. I realized that gifts come from God, but I still need to be led by the Spirit of God and use gifts by following the leading of the Holy Spirit and Jesus' words!

Freedom from Occultic Past and Evil Spirits

I was experiencing evil spirits and demons in my life causing me to have feelings and do things that I knew were evil. I knew that it was caused by demons because I came from a background of occultic worship and transcendential meditation etc and I had seen demons before and knew they were real. Many people do not even realize that some things that they say, do and possess in their house invite demons to come and steal, kill and destroy areas of their lives. I became a christian a few years ago, but I realized that my habits were such where I was not living like one. I knew those demons were affecting my mind and body, although in my spirit I wanted to live for Jesus. I decided to call these people who were Christians who people said were not the average fake or shallow christian, but they really knew about the spiritual realm, had victory over sin and addiction, and power over demons. I set an appointment and WOW! As they prayed, I felt evil spirits leaving me and knew freedom was happening. Joy and peace replaced the anxiety, regret, pain and fear. Jesus said these things will follow those who believe in me: "they will cast out devils... That day many devils were cast out of me. I am Free and full of Life and Hope now!

Evil Spirits Left Me - Freedom from Depression and Addiction

Someone recommended that I go visit this guy who prayed for them and they said they felt bad things leave them and felt peace, hope and joy fill them as they said they experienced God's Spirit and love. I had always been angry, bitter and frustrated with life, and I did not have much faith in God and definitely did not believe that the devil was real. I did not believe in evil spirits as existing and affecting lives today, although they are in the Bible. I did not know what I was in for, but I could see that the person who recommended me seemed ot be full of life, and a new peace. The guy told me his story about inviting God and experiencing God as rivers of living water, and knowing Jesus for real. He then showed me a presentation while all the time giving specific examples and testimonies of God's love and power. The amazing thing was that when he prayed for me at the end, I started crying as I experienced God's love and presence. God's power that was with the guy who prayed for me was strong, and I actually felt when the evil spirit left me. I was changed by experiencing the love and power of God! I now see my battles as spiritual battles - Thank you Jesus for your Truth and Power!

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